Gold & Diamond Export

Gold & Diamond Export In Kenya

It is one thing to source gold and diamonds from Kenya. EXPORTING SUCCESSFULLY WITHOUT ENDLESS STORIES AND SMALL SCAMS is another. Our clients and partners can count on Customs Cargo Experts to deliver their gold, diamonds, and other exported products on time. With so many setbacks in finding a dependable and legitimate company to safely deliver your valuable goods, we recognize the need to bring our seamless export processes to our clients.

The KEY Advantage

The KEY advantage we provide to our clients when it comes to entrusting us with the export of gold, diamonds, and other valuables is that we only work with licensed government exporters who are in good standing, have an impeccable track record, and a high delivery rate.

With our systems in place, we are able to provide secured delivery via air, making it faster and reliable right to your stated address. The entire export process is standardized, documented, and transparent.

Our Export Related Servicese

We are able to provide customised chartering services for our VIP clients due to our extensive industry connections and contacts with various agents and carriers worldwide. This includes private jet charters and other special requests. We also handle permits, landing rights, and other services for a variety of industries.
Our goal is to shorten our clients' wait time and lead time. We assist you and your company in completing customs clearance in accordance with local and international regulations.
We are number one when it comes to securing space for global delivery of your gold and diamonds on air freights for our clients.

We can guarantee you competitive rates because of the global partners with whom we collaborate. Our service includes adequate and dependable cargo monitoring from pickup to delivery, giving our clients peace of mind and providing a professional service.