Storage Vault & Safe Deposit Boxes

Safe Deposit Boxes

Our cutting-edge safety deposit boxes are ideal for clients who want extra privacy and safety. Our clients have complete control over the storage of their bullion in their own boxes, which are locked and sealed in their presence, hence reducing their relationship with the security safe Vault to that of a renter and box hirer.

You can rest easy knowing that your valuables are safe in a treasury grade vault. Our safe deposit boxes and bullion storage vaults are both monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with the most sophisticated multi-level security available.

More privacy and safety

We offer two types of Safe Deposit Boxes - GSL 1 Deposit Box and GSL 2 Deposit Box. These storage boxes are designed primarily for the storage of gold and diamonds, but they can also be used to store jewels and other valuables. The boxes are brought to the private viewing room upon request, where clients unlock them for access.
In addition to the traditional lock and key, all of our safe deposit boxes are sealed with uniquely numbered, tamper evident metal seals. To eliminate the possibility of internal tampering with the safe deposit box, these seals can only be cut in the presence of the client or authorized representative. This also means that each time the safe deposit box is locked, a new seal is issued.
Customer data is kept on a stand-alone network that is not connected to the internet. This physical separation from outside networks and the Internet ensures the highest level of data protection for our customers.
One of the pillars of the Kenyan legal system is private property ownership. The Internal Revenue Service does not consider a Safe Deposit Box to be a "financial account" for FATCA reporting purposes, making it an excellent option for preserving your wealth.
Our secure Online Vault Terminal Access Point is available to all clients. They will be able to login and view associated documentation for their Safe Deposit Boxes and vault storage, as well as request multimedia uploads to their private online terminals.