Testing Lab & Deal Security

Testing Lab & Deal Security

This service was developed in response to high demand from gold and diamond buyers. We receive a lot of requests from investors and buyers who want us to help them with the supervision, verification, and management of their gold and diamond transactions.

If you are a buyer, we can assist you in adding an extra layer of expertise, security, and most importantly, authentication of any gold and diamond business in Kenya. This includes testing gold samples and grading diamonds.

We also collaborate closely with all relevant authorities to reduce and eliminate fraud in this sector.

Services include

Things we do to ensure our customers get the best Gold and Diamond deals. From the very beginning of the verification process to testing and evaluation.

  • Gold Testing
  • Diamond Grading and Evaluation
  • Proof of Product Verification
  • Address Verification
  • Checking Company Reputation
  • Buyer representation and escorting