Warehousing Services

We offer storage solutions that adhere to best practices.

Our storage services include receiving our customers' products, storing them for later shipment, and delivering them to the end customer. In order to generate added value for our customers, this logistics requires a high level of integration and stable processes.

We can handle your warehousing needs through our extensive network of associates. We are well placed to offer you a range of support services whether you are looking for shared or dedicated warehousing space as well as other support services such as kitting palletizing, packing, sorting, stuffing, destuffing and so on.

Our warehouses are equipped with all necessary loading and unloading equipment, as well as CCTVs, security, adequate lighting, and paved flooring.

Why choose us

Value added logistics services
Short and long term storage capabilities
Pick-Pack capabilities
Domestic and Cross Dock Services
Fully integrated warehouse management system (WMS)