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All-in-One Logistics Solutions for Your Business

Customs Cargo Experts is a Security and Logistics company specializing in the management of your shipments from one location to another. To design and implement industry-leading solutions, we work with our global network of partners.

With over 45+ dedicated employees working around the world, we deliver operational excellence to provide viable solutions to the most difficult supply chain questions. As a result, the majority of our clients consider us to be one of Kenya's best logistics companies.

Our passionate team of experts enables us to focus on providing excellence and value to our customers. We are completely dedicated to exceeding our customers' expectations.

Gold, Copper Cathode and Diamond Security

We Export Gold, Copper Cathode and Diamond. We take the opportunity to meet with available and ready buyers. Our experts have established relationships with both direct miners and verified clients who are interested in purchasing diamonds and gold.

We also provide complete Gold Bullion Management (collecting, transporting and depositing). Customs Cargo Experts ensures that the transaction goes off without a hitch. Clients can rely on our cutting-edge processing technology to receive, count, secure, and deliver their precious metals and minerals.

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Customs Cargo Experts believes that striving for excellence in the following core values will lead to long-term profitability, growth, and an improved ability to serve our clients.

  • Act with Integrity and Honesty

    All employees are expected to take personal responsibility for their behavior and the decisions they make on a daily basis. Honesty and integrity must always be central to those decisions. Both of these qualities are highly valued at Austin and will always guide us to "Do the Right Thing."

  • Constantly prioritising safety and quality

    Our company places a premium on safety. The expectation is that our employees, clients, and partners work in a safe environment. We believe that focusing on safety improves overall quality.

  • Provide Professional and Technical Expertise

    At the heart of what we do is providing our clients with professional and technical expertise. We can deliver on this core value because we are constantly improving our employees' skills. We provide opportunities for our employees to grow and advance within our company by consistently providing professional and technical excellence and continuously improving our abilities.

  • Employees, clients, partners, vendors, and subcontractors are all treated with dignity and respect.

    Respecting others enables us to demonstrate the professionalism that coworkers and clients expect. Respect facilitates and encourages the cooperative team environment and collaboration required to provide excellent service to our clients.

  • Develop Long-Term Client Relationships

    We believe that every project represents an opportunity to build long-term relationships with our clients. We build long-term relationships by consistently delivering on our services and adhering to our core values.

To be the market leader in our business areas.

  • Provide the highest level of service to our clients by combining highly skilled team members with our proven methodology.

  • Consistently improving our services to our clients and adding value to their businesses.

  • Create long-term relationships with our clients by listening to and addressing their needs in a way that allows both our clients and us to succeed.

  • Support our employees in a way that encourages learning, growth, and recognition for exceptional performance.

Our vision is to provide any investor in Kenya with long-term economic opportunities. From logistics solutions to security and consultancy, we want to be a trusted part of every potential investor's business.



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